Our services

At Foxdec, we tailor our services around your individual and unique needs. During our initial consultation, we will identify the challenges your business is currently facing and tailor our offer to best solve the challenges.


We have helped launch brand new start-ups and rebranded existing multinational corporations. Our in-house designers and developers can help with all aspects of the branding process.

Digital transformation

We specialize in digital transformation services for established brands, as well as providing digital-first connections for newly launching brands to their customers. Our solutions reduce costs for your business while simultaneously boosting sales by more than 3 times compared to previous financial years.

Strategic planning

Foxdec specializes in helping businesses refocus their strategic resources on their original goals. Whether you’re a small business or the head of strategic planning, we can help.

Marketing positioning

Our professionals can help understand and unlock your brand’s real potential and develop your market position. We want to help to make your business unique.

Business development

As a business scales up, many processes and operations need restructuring. Our team has experience in guiding a medium-sized business through the many changes that occur with growth.

International procurements and sourcing

Our team has extensive expertise in navigating the complex global market and identifying the best solutions for your unique brand requirements.

We’re at your service.

three person pointing the silver laptop computer
three person pointing the silver laptop computer